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Easter Egg Hunt Cheats



This year my children are really excited to start Easter Sunday with an Easter Egg Hunt. We tried one year just hiding treats around the house, but it was all over very quickly.  This time I want to try to have clues that they can follow and really work to hunt out their surprises.  The only problem is I’m struggling to think of good clues.  After searching around the internet I found some great tips from fellow bloggers.

There were lots of ideas to choose from so I wanted to share with you my favourite.  These clues for an outdoor hunt from Party delights are simple for kids to work out and it couldn’t be easier.  There is a PDF which you can download for FREE All the planning is taken care of for you.

Picture from Party Delights

As the forecast over here in England this weekend is for rain I will be planning for an indoor hunt. Party Delights have sorted this out too.  Follow this link for your for your FREE downloadable clues.  Even if you don’t use all the clues there are plenty to choose from.

I brought some of these fantastic plastic eggs. They come in all sorts of colours, designs and sizes, perfect for hiding your clues inside.  If you are conscious on cutting back on gifting too much junk food, try filling them with blind bags or small toys.

So it looks like I have our hunt sorted! Now all I need to do is refrain from eating all the chocolate before morning.



Happy Easter everyone!

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