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What to do with left over coffee grounds

I am a coffee addict, there, I said it. Apart from kick starting the day or having a good chat over, coffee has a whole heap of uses.  Since getting a coffee machine, the other half and I get through tons of ‘posh coffee’ pods as we like to call them. It seems such a waste to just throw away all those used grounds. Here are some simply and frugal ways to make the most of each cup.

  • Throw your used grounds in your compost. Coffee is a source of nitrogen and will enrich your compost. It is said that worms are attracted to the smell and those little guys work hard to break down all that waste and turn it into fantastic compost for your garden.
  • Use it as pest control.  By putting a barrier of used coffee ground around your plants, slugs and snails will be put off from feasting on those juicy leaves.  Also sprinkling grounds around the garden will put off the local cats from digging up the soil and using you garden as a toilet.
  • Feeding plants the natural way without chemicals couldn’t be easier.  Add 2 cups of coffee grounds to 5 gallons water and leave overnight to make your own plant food. Plants such as roses, rhododendrons and tomatoes thrive on the increased acidity.

Have a go then let me know how you get on. Have you got any hacks or tips for making the most of your coffee?

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