What to do with Tired Old Lamps

Upcycling is the perfect way to give your home a new lease of life without breaking the bank. Whether it is adding a personal touch to treasure found at boot-sales or charity shop, or transforming furnishing you already have the results can be astonishing.

I wanted to make my bedroom feel cosy with some new bedside lamps. I looked for ages around different shops and online, but nothing caught my eye. Then I found this…

DIY Lampshade Tutorial using a sweater by Unskinny Boppy and I fell in love.

I love to try out different craft ideas but I am defiantly no expert; my creative brain is defiantly ahead of my creative skill.

My blank canvas

As the lamps I wanted to transform were small I couldn’t find a jumper little enough to fit tightly around the shades. I tried to think of a fabric that would give the same effect.  Eventually I came across a favourite pair of tights that I had worn holes out at the toes but not had the heart to throw away. Perfect, they fit snug around the shades and with two identical legs I can have two identical lampshades.

First I popped one leg of the tights all the way over the shade. Once in place I snipped the toe part off and using my glue gun and attached the fabric all the way around the top inside of the shade.

I then pulled the fabric down the shade.  I wanted the light to pick through the holes in the tights so pulled it quite tight. I also wanted to make sure the pattern ran straight so I had to wiggle it around a bit. When I was happy with how it looked, I simply snipped off the excess fabric making sure there was enough to fold under the shade for a neat finish.  As before, I glued a seam around the inside.

Lastly for some embellishments. I used some ribbon waved in and out of the holes.  Job done. A pair of upcycled lamps that no one else will own but everyone will want.


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