Capture Your Year in a Time Capsule

How will you be starting the New Year? Thinking about your hopes and dreams for the coming months or making new resolutions? It’s easy to ponder on all the negatives from the past year, but it’s more useful to spend some time reflecting on all the positive achievements and events that made you smile.

Try committing to creating a time capsule that you can add to throughout the year as a prompt for happy memories, it’s really simple.

Decorate a box, jar or gift bag and give it a special place in your home.  Make sure to leave some post-its or strips of paper and a pen close by.


Every time that you, a family member or friend experiences positive and happy events, record them and put them into your time capsule. On New Year’s Eve spend some time reading through all the memories, it’s sure to bring a smile to your face.

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