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Magic Reindeer Food

Bella’s visit on the 1st December

Throughout Advent the Frugal household have had a Kindness Elf called Bella come and visit. She has been setting tasks for the little people to help them remember the true meaning of Christmas. We have donated food to our local food bank and toys to charity; they have also written cards to their friends and made gifts for their teacher. As it is Christmas Eve, they have been set a special task – to make magic food for Santa’s Reindeer.  As Bella is very small I had to help her get things ready .

Use tiny bottles or mini jam jars

Making the reindeer food is really easy and you can use any sparkly bits a pieces you can get your hands on.  I used some different coloured glitter and sequins. Carefully tip them into a mini corked bottle or you could use a mini jam jar, the type you might find in a cafe. Stick on some eyes and red sticker for a nose to make it look festive.  Encourage your little people to spoon some rolled oats into a dish and stir in the magic dust, making sure to make a wish as they stir.

All that’s left to do is leave the magic food outside for Santa’s reindeer and watch the surprise on their face in the morning when they find the food has been eaten.


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