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Christmas Eve Magic



For me Christmas Eve is the most magical time of the whole year.  Every family have their own traditions that have been carried down through generations. Wether it be a meal they share, a church service they attend, family they visit or sitting together for a story or film. For children (and their adults) it is probably also the longest day of the year; the anticipation of a visit from the Big Man can be too much.  To get through the ‘longest day of the year’ here are some ideas to stretch the imagination and keep the little people happy.

Draw a picture or write a letter to leave for Santa. A thoughtful little extra to put alongside his mince-pie.

Shhhh, sleepy biscuits

Make some sleepy biscuits. You can use any biscuit recipe you like, or if baking isn’t your thing using shop brought will work just the same. Put some icing sugar in a bowl and each take turns to gently stir. As you stir, make a wish then using a fine mesh food strainer or sifter sprinkle the magic icing sugar over the top of your biscuits. Eating these special biscuits will make you very sleepy and ready for bed. If you are organised, you can buy some edible glitter to add some extra sparkle. You can find this at any specialist cake decorating  shop or website (or follow the highlighted link).



Settle down to your favourite Christmas film for a festive movie afternoon complete with popcorn, hot chocolate and plenty of cuddles.

There are some fab apps that can be downloaded on both Android and iPhone that can help you to track Santa’s journey delivering presents all over the world. NORAD Track Santa is a site which is full of games, music and videos, but come Christmas Eve you can track Santa around the globe. This is a great opportunity to educate children about where different countries are and how time differences work, but most of all watch how close he is getting and persuade them that they should defiantly go to bed so he can visit.


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