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Get the Most Out of Your Halloween Pumpkin


A big part of Halloween celebrations is carving out a pumpkin into a Jack-o-latern. This tradition dates back hundreds of years to Ireland, where they would carve out turnips or potatoes. It wasn’t until Irish immigrants arrived in America that they discovered pumpkins and a new tradition was born. Here in the UK Halloween has become more and more popular and we have adopted these traditions, but unlike America where the pumpkin is a key part of Halloween and Thanksgiving celebrations, the UK don’t seem to indulge.

The humble pumpkin doesn’t have to just be use as a spooky Halloween decoration; every bit that is scooped out from inside can be used. Pumpkins are full of vitamins, minerals and are a good source of fibre. In the UK alone we throw away a staggering 18,000 tons of pumpkins every year, that’s the same as 1,500 double-decker buses worth of versatile and tasty winter Squash.


The best pumpkins to use for cooking are the smaller variety. They tend to have a sweeter taste, where as the larger ones can be bland and stringy. Most recipes will require pumpkin puree, but you can make your own.

Why not save all the seeds that usually get thrown away and bake some easy Roasted Pumpkin Seeds as a healthy sweet or savoury snack.

Use the scooped out flesh to create the ultimate in comfort food, home-made soup. Perfect to warm you up after a cold dark winters day.  If you have more of a sweet tooth, try making some Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread.

The possibilities are endless! Follow the links above and see how you can not only make the most from this this years pumpkin, but also make a stand and reduce food waste.