Declutter your home and your mind

Having a good declutter of your home is good not only for creating a clearer living space, but is good to help maintain a clearer mind. If you can also make a little money at the same time, surely this is a bonus.

Car boot sale are a fantastic way of making money – you know the saying, one man’s rubbish is another man’s gold.

Here’s my top tips to a successful car booting experience.

  • Don’t try and be a Lone Ranger – not only will you get board, but you need to have eyes in the back of your head. There will be people there cheeky enough to pinch from you, so those extra eyes will be useful. Also if nature calls, you are covered.
  • If you are put off by hustling, wait in your car until the touters have gone. It sounds scary but most are professional sales people and want to have a good rummage through your booty before you have even got it out the car.  They will soon pass by and u can set up in peace.
  • Have some plastic bags at the ready, even small bin bags are great.  If the people buying from your stall are anything like me, they will have left their reusable shopping bags at home. It’s like a good will gesture for your customers.
  • Be prepared to haggle. Have a price in mind and pitch in higher. That way if they go with your first price your on a winner and if they haggle you down your still getting what u wanted.
  • Pack your car up the night before in the reverse order to how you want to set up; goods at the bottom and tables and clothes rail on top. Having everything ready to go will help with the early morning start.


Top tip – if you have clothes, pack them ready on hangers and use a rubber band or hair band to keep them all together, then cover with a bin bag. This will save you time when setting up – rail up, clothes straight on.

  • Have some change on you. Wearing a money belt or bum bag can be useful as you can keep your money safe and to hand.
  • Take some snacks and drinks with you. There is usually lots of food vendors on site, but you are there to make money, not spend it. (Although the smell of bacon cooking nearby is too much of a temptation for me. Getting up early entitles you to a treat right?) Also suncream or jumper depending on weather. The last time I car booted I needed both with it being a cold morning which warmed up to glorious sunshine!
  • You will be surprised at what people will buy.  Toys, dressing up clothes and baby clothes are good staples. I was even surprised how much I made from having a box of McDondles Toys, party bag gifts and stocking fillers for customers to rummage through! Books and DVD’s don’t sell as well.
  • Anything you have left over you can drop to your local charity shop. If you didn’t need it when you decided to car boot it, you don’t need to take it home!

Have you got any top tips? Leave your comments to share with others.

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